TRANZICION – Art and Power in Albania (2017)

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a film by Giuseppe Schillaci

« Tranzicion – art and power in Albania »  draws a painting of the country through out the life and work of its main visual artists, amongst whom the actual Prime Minister, Edi Rama. Based on the artistic evolution of the last decades, the film tells the history of Albania, from the communist dictatorship – one of the world’s most closed regimes – till its frenetic transition towards capitalism and its recent application to the European Community.



Avant-première TIFF Tirana (6 may 2017)

Presentation at Centre Pompidou of Paris (30 august 2017)

Competition at  History Film Festival of Croatie (7 septembre 2017)

Competition at Festival International du Film d’Histoire of Pessac (24 novembre 2017)