writer and film director

  • TRANZICION – Art and Power in Albania

    a film by Giuseppe Schillaci « Tranzicion – art and power in Albania »  draws a painting of the country through out the life and work of its main visual artists, amongst whom the actual Prime Minister, Edi Rama. …

  • Apolitics Now! (2013)

    In Italy, on 2012, the situation is serious: Monti’s technocrat government, called to save the country from the bankruptcy of the Berlusconi government, adopts the politics of austerity, provoking protests and raising the spectre of …

  • The Cambodian Room (2009)

      Antoine D’Agata, a photographer from Magnum Agency, is in Phom Penh (Cambodia). Drugs, sex and errance are his autobiographical subjects, but in Cambodia his artistic trail seems to reach an utmost point. After devoting …

  • The shadow of the Godfather (2016)

    THE SHADOW OF THE GODFATHER – Research for afilm Di Giuseppe Schillaci (Italia/Francia 2015, 52 min) The mafia, for someone sho is born in Sicily, is a shadow, something that stays with you since you’re born, but you …

  • Cosmic Energy Inc. (2011)

    SYNOPSIS   Wild ideas can lead to wild success. Or wild failure. Convinced that the cosmos, the natural world and human beings all share the same energy waves, three enterprising Italians set up an eco-friendly …

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