The Year of the Ashes (novel, 2010)

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The fatal destiny of a hopeless romance between Masino and Ninetta unfolds in a long story in a Palermo of1948, aPalermo of crossroads, joint interests, dealings which protract into the present. The connective tissue of the suburb of Buon riposo reflects the Italy of today:  642-104 dumps the private affairs and interests as well as the little bosses, the opposition of the left and the right, the interference of the Church and criminality, and the unwritten law which states that nothing must change. The oracle is a conviction and on the ashes of civilisation, ideology, beliefs – with roots thick and deep buried in myth – lays the desire to resurrect, necessarily elsewhere, and dominates the story because as nofrio the old man of the Ammiraglio bridge says,640-822 certification  “recounting is remembering, giving life, saving oneself”.



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  • Nominee at the Premio Strega 2010
  • Short List Premio De Lollis 2010.
  • Short List Premio dei lettori di Lucca 2011.
  • Short List Premio John Fante 2011.
  • Schillaci in the list of the 50 more talented Italian writers under 40 by Il Sole24Ore.