A Virtual Reality film by Giuseppe Schillaci

Produced by Matera Capitale Europea della Cultura 2019.

Written by Giuseppe Schillaci and Aurélia Lassaque



With Aurélia Lassaque

and with

Ugo Barra, Dino Centonze, Rino Locantore

Cupa cupa : Rino Locantore

Songs: Aurélia Lassaque


Transhumance, from the Latin “trans-humus”, meaning “across the earth”, indicates the migration of livestock to seasonal pastures, a ritual of the agro-pastoral world still in use in Basilicata and in some Mediterranean regions.As in a transhumance, this film proposes a path of communion with the Earth: an invitation to rediscover one’s own mineral, vegetable and animal nature, disconnecting from the hyper-technological networks of the contemporary world: a reversal of reality similar to that of Carnival.