Wild ideas can lead to wild success. Or wild failure. Convinced that the cosmos, the natural world and human beings all share the same energy waves, three enterprising Italians set up an eco-friendly agriculture business. Their aim is to improve the environment with an entirely natural model of boosting food production. Their methods couldn’t be more green—or more bizarre.

By erecting three-metre-high wooden pyramids in the fields, and printing ancient energy symbols onto cards facing the plants, they believe cosmic wave lengths can be channeled into the crops, improving quality and yield.

When a research lab signs on to study their findings, the partners are certain their theories will catch on. But when obstacles, including spiraling costs and a plague, threaten to derail the project, faith in both their ideals and in each other are put to the test.



Direction: Giuseppe Schillaci. Idea: Paolo Pallavidino, Giuseppe Schillaci.

Script: Giuseppe Schillaci. D.O.P.: Federico Tonozzi. Editing: Giusi Santoro. Music: Gian Luigi Trovesi con Civica Jazz Band Milano, The Lounge Lizards, Sun Ra. Other credits: Silvia Bolognesi (animation), Daniele Bonazza (compositing), Riccardo Nanni (sound mix), Andrea Dal Pian (color collection). Featuring: Sandro Montironi, Gandolfo Mario Curcio, Marco Del Grande.

Eie film/ Chello Multicanal / POPCult funded by Film Commission Torino Piemonte.





  • Official selectionSiciliambiente 2012.
  • Official selection  Cinemambiente Torino 2012.